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We talk NCAA Final Four and Championship game, Alex Rodriguez retiring after 2017, Los Angeles Rams on Hard Knocks, RG3 signs with the Browns, Andre Ward beats Barrera and looking forward to Krovalev, Jon Jones arrested. We also talk about WRESTLEMANIA! Warriors chances of beating 72 and a list of upcoming NBA games.

March 23, 2016  
- NCAA Tournament Talk

- Adam LaRoche retires after controversy with son in locker room
- Tampa Bay Rays vs Cuba

- Pelicans shutdown Anthony Davis for the season

- Dwight Howard cheating

- Ben Simmons declares for the draft

- List of upcoming NBA games
In this weeks episode:

- We gab about The People vs O.J. Simpson

- We give our NCAA Tournament Final Four Picks/Champion 

- WWE Roadblock

- Give our view on Jeff Miller/NFL acknowledging the link between CTE and Football

- NFL Free Agent Signings

- Kanye West's new job as a mascot designer

- List of upcoming NBA games

- We answer Fan Questions