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This week is a random one, we talk all sorts of topics from Big League Chew to gators for beers, what one music genre would we listen to for life, Fresh Balls giveaway, random sports updates and more! Listen in and let us know what you think!


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We start of with a great selfie talk! Raiders to Las Vegas, NCAA Final Four, our weekly FanDuel Challenge results, Tom Brady and his Russian connection, Rick's Quick Hits, WWE Wrestlemania talk with #MattNews and #MikebartNews, Hockey Minute, China Hockey Olympic facts and final recap on WWE Wrestlemania. 

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This weeks show is a short one, This week we talk Draymond's dong, how sport beat writers are ruining Twitter, Rick's quickhits, Mike's random phone thoughts, we also recap the MLB trade dealines winners and losers. Also, find out how excited Fredo is about the Olympics and what the USA Basketball teams cruise ship will sound like.

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In this weeks podcast we cover WWE Extreme Rules, NBA playoffs, Rick's Hockey minute, MLB news, we also cover last weeks MLB FanDuel challenge and podcast reviews and how much we love FreshBody Fresh Balls!

In this weeks episode:

- We gab about The People vs O.J. Simpson

- We give our NCAA Tournament Final Four Picks/Champion 

- WWE Roadblock

- Give our view on Jeff Miller/NFL acknowledging the link between CTE and Football

- NFL Free Agent Signings

- Kanye West's new job as a mascot designer

- List of upcoming NBA games

- We answer Fan Questions

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